Baby Got Basics: A Simp Guide to Cloth Diapering with #CulturedDiapers

  1. Get your mind right and get ready to switch to cloth, baby!

  2. Cop some dope cultured diapers, you won't regret it!

  3. Get some sick diaper liners or Oh! Snap-in Inserts to make cleanup a breeze.

  4. Get your wash game up and on point with some fresh detergent.

  5. Don't forget a sweet diaper pail to keep thangs organized.

  6. Keep it REAL FRESH with some steezy diaper rash cream.

  7. Make sure you're stocked up on wipes and a wet bag for on-the-go.

  8. Keep those baby clothes fly with a diaper sprayer.

  9. Show your cultured diaper some love with regular maintenance.

  10. Keep your baby's booty looking and feeling fresh to def!