Solid As a Rock! (4 Pack Color Pick)
Cultured Diapers®

Solid As a Rock! (4 Pack Color Pick)

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The Solid Mix Collection featuring solids: black, red, green, & yellow and featuring solids mixed (bundles): Black History, Marley: One Love, Liberation, & Jamaica Funk. 

Pick Your 4 Colors!

*Cloth Diapers babies 8-42 Ibs 

  • All-in-Two Style
  • Black AWJ (outer)
  • 2 snaps for inserts (inner) 
  • Adjustable Color Matching Snaps (Waist & Rise)
  • 1 Snap-in Insert (3 Layer Bamboo Terry)

Care Instructions:

  • Wash Cycle in Cold Water
  • Low Heat or No Heat Dryer
  • Iron when it is dry.

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